Applying image manipulations:

In ImageComposer, you can do image manipulations to a single image, or multiple images, and than combine them into one.

Tools you'll need:
-Only the Wrap/Filter button

Lets first do some simple manipulations with this image.

Softening the image:

Click Filters, than Soften many times.

Pushing out the image:

Click Warps, than Mesa, with a radius factor=60%

Changing the color:

Click Color Enhance, than colorize, select green.

Pushing the image inward.

Click Warps, than Mesa, Direction=in, with a radius ...........................factor=40

Swirling the image:

Click Warps, Vortex, with an angle=45 degrees.

Beat im' up:

Click Warp Transform, and try out the different options.

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