creating transparent images:

What are transparent images? Why is it that everywhere you go, you hear the words "transparent images?" Transparent images are images that are partially, or all transparent. This causes those areas of an image to "blend in" with the background, which is sometimes necessary when designing your images. Below are examples that'll clear the matter up for sure.

Tools you'll need:
-The paint button.

There are many sub-options under the paint button, this is the one we'll be using:

-The Erase button:

Ok, lets give an example that forces us to use transparent images:

This example below will NOT require the use of the Erase button. The one after this one, however, will. Don't worry, you'll see what I'm talking about very soon:

Lets assume you've just created a page, and you decide to use an image as the background. Here is the lovely page you've created thus far:

Remembering that you just saw how to make fancy banners on the previous section, you decide to add a neat little banner on the top of your page too. Here's the banner you've created:

Everything looks great in ImageComposer, so you decide to save the image, and insert it onto your page. What! Why on earth is it so ugly?

You hate the white area surrounding the text, and you really wish that all the page showed were the words, without the white stuff. Well, here's where transparent images come in. What you want in this case is a partial transparency-the white part to be transparent, so it wouldn't show up as part of the banner. The way to do it, is really, very simple. Since you only want the white space to be saved transparent, this is what you do:

Create your banner as usual, but when you save it, check the Transparent Check Box before clicking save. That's all! (Look at the image on the right) Now the text will no longer have the white space around it, so the text will appear integrated into the background.

This is how the banner will appear now:


Ok, before we overload this page with tons of graphics, lets do a final example that utilizes the Erase button, as shown

The Erase button allows you to manually "paint" in and create transparent areas within an image. Lets give a typical example using two rings. You will need to use the Erase button to make a small portion of one of the rings transparent to make the two appear interlocked.

Ok, lets suppose you have these two rings:

Now, you want the two rings to appear interlocked. If you simply put the two together, this is what you'll get: (which is not what we want)

In order to make them interlocked, use the Erase button and erase the overlapping areas of the two ring to make them interlocked. Then when you save the image, be sure to still check the Transparent Check Box before clicking save.There you have it: