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Extreme Tracker-
One of the most comprehensive free statistical counter available, this counter helps track everything from the basic hits, to where surfers are coming from, using what browser and system etc. Results are compiled in real time.

The Counter:
A very cool free stats service that counts visits, referrers, screen resolution, OS, and more! The best part is, the counter is invisible! No ugly banners to put up. They generate revenue through banners shown to you when you check your stats on their server.

Stats: Another free stats service that tracks visiting countries, IP addresses, and operating system of your surfers.

Page count: Another banner based counter that counts IP addresses and referrers as well. Very large banner though.

WebSide Story's Hit Box: One of the most popular statistical counters on the web. Counts unique hits, impressions...even forecasts how many future hits you'll receive based on the hit rate now.

Siteflow: This is yet another counter service. It differs from WebSide Story in that it also records surfer's domain name, browser type, previous url, even the operating system they used to get to your site. Very slow though.

site-stats: Banner based regular counter.

WebTrack: Another stats counter. Has 500 hits per day limit.

NetStad: Another free stats counter. Looks good.

ToolBox: A regular graphical counter. Finally, you say.

Cam's Dynamic counter: free regular counter.


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