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Blue_SwirlC0D5.gif (150 bytes) Tutorials

Dan's CGI Tutorial- A great introductory tutorial to CGI "based upon the PERL and interactions with UNIX scripts." Currently not all the chapters are complete,

CGI For the Total Non-Programmer- From the makers of JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer comes a guide for CGI beginners. Recommended for beginners.

CGI Tutorial- A simple guide to CGI that hopes to accomplish three objectives: 1) Understand what CGI is 2) Know the tools for CGI scripting 3) Write a simple CGI script in Perl and VB.

Perl Tutorial (By Web Consultant)- A one-page general walk-thru of what Perl and CGI is.

CGI and HTML Forms Tutorial- This rather comprehensive CGI tutorial will show you how forms and CGI work together, and teach you how to put together a "working" form. Recommended.

Perl.com- Get the latest version of Perl, read about the latest happenings in the Perl community, and more.

Blue_SwirlC0D5.gif (150 bytes) Script Archives/ Individual Scripts

CGIScripts.net- A GREAT collection of original CGI scripts to power up your site, such as a live poll, guestbook, ultilities, and more!

Matt's Script Archive- A comprehensive collection of CGI scripts, written by the author himself. Includes scripts such as guestbook, add-a-link script, search engine, counter, etc.

CGI-resources- The Yahoo of CGI Scripts.

Selena Sol's Public CGI Script Domain- Another great CGI archive featuring scripts form scripts, guestbook, quiz, random banner generator etc.

The CGI Archive- A small collection of CGI Scripts available free for non commercial use only. Examples include Message Board, Password Protector, and URL Jumper.

Freeperlcode.com- A directory containing listings to free perl code on the net.

WebAdverts- A highly popular ad banner rotation script. Tracks impressions, clickthrus, time frame, allows "weighing" on different banners etc. Highly recommended. Free for download, $50 to register it.

WebBSS- Written by the same author as above, this is a web based forum script that allows your surfers to interact with each other. Outstanding features includes ability to notify surfers by email when new messages have been entered, and easy to understand interface. Its also free.

WebLog- "A comprehensive access log analysis tool. It allows you to keep track of activity on your site by month, week, day and hour, to monitor total hits, bytes transferred and page views, and to keep track of your most popular pages. It can also print out secondary reports to track "user sessions," showing the paths taken through your site by your visitors and giving you a rough idea of how long they spent looking at your pages, and to provide you with information on referring sites, the search engine keywords which brought your visitors and the agents and platforms they used while visiting." Free for use.

Ultimate Bulletin Board- A well known online Bulletin Board Script with a great interface. Used by many well known sites such as webreference, webdeveloper.com etc. There are many versions of this script, one which is free.

ClickCount- A simple script that allows you to keep track of the number of click-thrus on any link.

Free-Mail- A free form script that allows your surfers to send email to you via a form. NO CGI BIN REQUIRED. The CGI script resides on their server, allowing even webmasters with no CGI access to use it.



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